Full Stack Web Development - Course Detail

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Full Stack Web Development

  • Trainer : Khawar Hussain
  • Duration : 3 Month
  • Students : Members

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Full Stack Web Development Course

In this time of technological revolution, Crafting the best website design, to meet the standard of the current IT market is the need of the 11th hour. It takes substantial study to understand what makes a successful online application and how it affects the market, which is a skill that every web design firm should possess. ICR, being the Biggest IT Center in Rahim Yar Khan have may some of the greatest and most talented web developers on staff to assist you in creating a website or web application from start. We can claim competence in a variety of web technologies since ICR is the top Web Wevelopment company in Rahim yar khan. 


What is Website Development?

"Website Development" is considered the process of creating a website, covering all the aspects, i.e., from markup and code to scripting, network settings, and CMS development. Examples of feature-rich Web Development include eCommerce websites, content management systems, and social networks. Common web development programming languages and tools include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.


Course outline of Web Development courses in ICR, RYK

In the tenure of two months, Trainees will learn about the basic and advanced tactics in the Web Development Course in ICR RYK.


1st Month: 


  • (HTML / Bootstrap / Responsiveness)
    (bootstrap - basic tags, style and semantics, lists, images,
    audio and video, forms, frames, tables, formatting, animation,
    Grid system) (CSS - basic properties, advance properties, flexbox,
    media queries),(JAVA script)


  • Basic CRUD in Core PHP 
  • JavaScript events and ajax 
    (JavaScript Statements, Expressions, Conditions and Loops,
    JavaScript Objects,Functions, Arrays and Events, jQuery AJAX Calls
    (load (), get (), post (), ajax (), get JSON (), getScript()


2nd Month: 

  • CRUD in Framework 
  • Fully Dynamic Website
  • Sessions and Cache

  • SQL Joins
  • API Development
  • Calling third party API
  • Proposal submission

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Metric/ FSC students
  • Bachelor/ Master Degree holders
  • Freelancers
  • IT Professionals


Benefits of Web Development Course in RYK

ICR ( IT Centre RYK ) states that the study will help students to create and manage an income source because, due to the rapidly-increasing number of Internet users, it's no surprise that Web Development is a rapidly expanding industry. Do not waste your valuable time ,learn the programming languages if you want to develop advanced-level websites. In this training, you will have to complete your university projects and you will become ready to run fast on the track of the job hunt with experience. 

PS: We also offer practical experience in which students will work on real-world Projects to boost their expertise and knowledge, as well as grant Paid Internships to our Alumni who showcase good performance during the course.