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Graphic Designing

  • Trainer : Raheel Khan
  • Duration : 2 Month
  • Students : Members

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Graphic Designing Course

We can all agree that attractiveness is appealing, and Graphic Design conveys glamour to its target audience. It's not only about beauty in advertising; there is a tiny window of time for an ad, email, or website to capture the audience's attention before they go on to the next item. They'll pause to consider the message if something in that brief window catches their attention and causes them to look again (a graphic, a headline). The audience is likely to pay attention to the message in a well-designed marketing item since the Graphics are engaging. By knowing the worth of Graphic Designing for a brand's success. ICR ( IT Centre RYK )has introduced a Graphic Designing Course for the people of Rahim Yar Khan.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designing is "the art of showing ideas in visual and textual forms." These Graphics might be as simple as a corporate logo or as complicated as a page layouts on a website.Through this Graphic Designing Course offered by ICR ( IT Centre Rahim yar khan ) students will be introduced to building custom logos hoardings, book titles and copy covers/labels, company profiles, mockups, cover/headers, Letterhead Pads, Photos, Creatives for Social Media Marketing Campaigns, and User Interfaces for Mobile Apps, Games, Thumbnail Images for YouTube Channels.


Outline of Graphic Designing Course in ICR, IT Center RYK


Graphic design is a broader term with different branches, which will be taught in ICR (IT Centre Rahim Yar Khan).


Adobe Photoshop 

  • Basics of Design
  • Software Interface & Basics
  • Navigation & Usability
  • Managing Layers & Transparency
  • Clipping Mask
  • Social Media Poster Design Basics
  • Social Media Designs Sizes
  • Type Tool & Character Panel in Details
  • Freelancing Session 1 on Poster Design.
  • Pen Tool
  • Layer Marks
  • Adjustments Panel
  • Clone Tool & Facial Adjustment Tools
  • Content Aware Tools
  • Transform Panel

  • Custom Brushes
  • Mockups
  • Adobe Camera Raw
  • Freelancing Session 2 Photo Editing, Posters, Refinements etc.

Adobe Illustrater

  • Software Interface & Basics
  • Navigation & Usability
  • Layers & Clipping Mask in Ai
  • Setting Up Artboard
  • Pen Tool
  • Image Tracing
  • Appearance Panel
  • Typography
  • Shape Builder Tool
  • Freelancing Session 3 on Vector Icons, Brochures, Logos & Printing Stuff etc
  • Path Modification Tools
  • Expand & Blend Tool
  • Business Card & Brochure Design
  • Pathfinder Tool
  • Effects Panel
  • Custom Brushes
  • Final Freelancing Session 4 on Graphic Designing Whole Course Application.


 Eligibility Criteria:


  • Metric/ FSC students
  • Bachelor/ Master Degree holders
  • Freelancers
  • IT Professionals

Benefits of Graphic Designing course of ICR, IT center RYK

ICR ( IT Centre Rahim Yar Khan ) states that at the end of the Graphic Designing Course, the student will have all the essential foundations for outlining the ideas and applications designers need to be familiar with and how they integrate into a typical workflow.

PS: We also offer practical experience in which students will work on real-world marketing campaigns to boost their expertise and knowledge, as well as grants and Paid Internships to our Alumni who showcase good performance during the course.