Social Media Content Creation - Course Detail

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Social Media Content Creation

  • Trainer : Mohammad Zeeshan Babar
  • Duration : 2 Month
  • Students : Members

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Social Media Content Creation Course

At ICR, our social media content creation course is designed to teach students the skills and techniques necessary to create compelling and effective content for social media platforms. Our program covers a variety of topics, including content strategy, social media platform-specific tactics, and analytics.


What is Social Media Content Creation?

Social media content creation produces and publishes content designed for social media platforms. This type of content can include text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements, and it is designed to engage and inform the audience, drive traffic, and increase brand awareness.


Course outline of Social Media Content Creation courses in ICR, RYK

In the tenure of 2 Months. Trainees will learn about the basic and advanced tactics in the Social Media Content Creation Course in ICR RYK.


Graphic Design Course Contents

  • Basics of Design
  • Software Interface & Basics
  • Navigation & Usability
  • Managing Layers & Transparency
  • Clipping Mask
  • Social Media Poster Design Basics
  • Social Media Designs Sizes
  • Type Tool & Character Panel in Details
  • Making Selections with Different tools
  • Pen Tool
  • Layer Marks
  • Adjustments Panel
  • Clone Tool & Facial Adjustment Tools
  • Content Aware Tools
  • Transform Panel
  • Custom Brushes
  • Mockups
  • Adobe Camera Raw


Social Media Marketing Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing.
  • Google Digital Garage.
  • Buyers Persona – SEMrush.
  • Meta Suite.
  • Message Automations.
  • Ads Manager.
  • Instant Forms - Meta.
  • Leads Ad - Ads Manager.
  • Sale SQL.
  • The Art of Pitching.
  • Business Profile - Ads Manager.
  • Meta Pixel: Measure, Optimize & Retarget Ads.
  • Setup Own Digital Marketing Agency.
  • Designing Carousel Cards - Canva.
  • Social Media Content Calendar - MS Excel.
  • Client-Oriented Strategy - MS Word
  • Generating Catchy Captions.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Metric/ FSC students
  • Bachelor/ Master Degree holders
  • Freelancers
  • IT Professionals


Benefits of Social Media Content Creation Course in RYK

ICR ( IT Centre RYK ) states that the study will help students to create and manage an income source because, due to the rapidly-increasing number of Internet users, it's no surprise that Web Development is a rapidly expanding industry. Do not waste your valuable time ,learn the programming languages if you want to develop advanced-level websites. In this training, you will have to complete your university projects and you will become ready to run fast on the track of the job hunt with experience. 

PS: We also offer practical experience in which students will work on real-world Projects to boost their expertise and knowledge, as well as grant Paid Internships to our Alumni who showcase good performance during the course.